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Think all banks are the same? Think again. No hassles. No late payments. No unexpected charges. Just real help with your finances.
Try This Bank Account.
No credit check bank accounts
Bank accounts for bad credit IVA bank accounts Bankrupt bank accounts
Why worry about budgeting when it can do it all for you? We'll set aside money from your account so your bills are paid, leaving you to get on with your life.
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Bring some certainty to your finances.
With a   current account, we'll never charge you for missed / late payments, or for going overdrawn.
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  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Mobile SMS banking
  •  Debit MasterCard
  • Cashpoint
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The current account that helps you budget
Our account has a budgeting service built-in. We'll look after all your regular bills and payments, so you know exactly what you can spend on the good things in life. You get:
  • Real people looking after your money for you
  • No more charges for overdrafts or missed payments
  • Peace of mind, with us managing your regular bills
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  Debit MasterCard®
Our   card gives you instant access to your cash.
  • Access cash easily
  • Accepted worldwide
  • £450 daily limit
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Compare insurance quotes and look to get the cover you need from think insure.
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Compare a wide range of mortgages and find the best deals from a panel of lenders.
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Compare insurance quotes and look to get the cover you need from think insure.
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Our free credit card comparison table makes it easy to compare the best offers.
Whether you're saving for the long or short term, our savings account could be right for you.
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We're not like other banks. Find out more about our values, awards and charity work.
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No credit check bank accounts Bank accounts for bad credit
Has Your Business Bank Account Been Closed or have you been Refused a Business Banking Account?
Hit Back for Just GBP £50 or USD $75
Frustrated Knock The Banks Out Frustrated Woman
Masked ManMasked WomanHaving Trouble Getting a Bank Account to pay and receive money ?  If you have a Personal Bank account the Chesil Bank will assist you set up facilities for your business to accept payments on the internet or by phone through credit/debit   cards or Paypal in your Company name.  The cost to set up this facility is a once off fee of GBP £50 or USD $75 regardless of status. These benefits could really make a difference to the smooth running of your small business banking transactions.
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UK Children now on par with 3rd world starving.

Save Our Children First
A damning indictment of the UK's dismissal of their obligations to its own children as well as its vulnerable disabled.  Whilst children in the UK are plunged into poverty and near starvation, the UK government pretends to be 'saving the 3rd world' from starvation and injustice.  The ultimate and cruel hypocrisy of today's Britain as one of the world's richest economies, we join the USA in hiding the truth of what really is happening.  We too have soup kitchens, and church charities providing food for hungry families, 200 of them within 60 miles of where I live..  Save the world's children dismiss your own.  The UK gave £80m to Africa recently, that was to buy influence away from China.  Madness, and completely immoral.
In the 30’s and 40’s, we fought for children’s right to adequate nutrition in the UK. Our campaigning was a success: the Education Act of 1944 made it compulsory that all schools in the UK provide milk to children under the age of 18. We continue fight for children in the UK today by supporting some of the most vulnerable children and families. Right now, 1.6 million children live in severe poverty in the UK. Our programmes make sure children living in poverty get off to the best possible start in education, and we’re making sure they get the essentials they need - a hot meal, blankets, a warm bed.

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