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Mohammed Ali - Prince of Heaven
Recently crowned as the BBC Sports Personality of the Century, Mohammed Ali is one of the best-loved sportsmen the world has ever seen.
This beautifully-crafted site pays tribute to him in all his expressive, explosive glory. It cleverly tells the story of his life through a collage of sound clips, video footage and text. This all builds up to tell a powerful tale, from his early fights as Cassius Clay to the famous 'Rumble in the Jungle'.
Prince Naseem
Still unbeaten and still the cockiest fighter on the block by a country mile, Prince Naseem Hamed is one of the most exciting and entertaining boxers around today.
His homepage is a nicely-rounded collection of articles collated from other sources, plus some original content. A discussion forum allows you to discuss his latest fights and you can even buy the latest Nas merchandise, should you so wish.
Boxing Press
Although perhaps a little anarchic in its design, there's enough boxing-related content here to keep even the most ardent of enthusiasts happy for hours.
News-feeds from all the major US sports sites will keep you bang up to date, while the columnists all seem to be on the ball and in the know. There's also an excellent selection of links to other boxing sites, an in-depth explanation of the Queensbury rules and a fascinating look back at great fighters of the past.
Don King Productions
You'd probably be well advised to take this glitzy homepage with a pinch of salt. Shamelessly self-promoting in tone, a typical headline reads, 'Don King Spreads Holiday Joy!'
Yet whether you love or loath the man with the bog brush hair, there's no doubt that Don King is one of the most flamboyant characters in the fight game. This site showcases all of his fighters to good effect, keeping you up to date with their progress via regular updates and good photographs.
Frank Warren's World Boxing
Hosted by The Sporting Life and presented by irascible boxing promoter Frank Warren, this is an entertaining and informative overview of the world of boxing. Among the latest news and previews from both sides of the Atlantic, you'll find features and previews from inside the training camps of some of the worlds biggest fighters. The regularly updated columns are always entertaining, pulling no punches in discussing the issues surrounding the sport.
This well turned out online magazine is devoted to the heavyweight giants of the boxing scene.
The up-to-date news is split into four sections - UK, USA, Germany and Europe, with each going into detail on the latest fights, rumours and boasts in the world of boxing. Fact fans will also appreciate the comprehensive list of heavyweight champions, going all the way from the first champion in 1892 to Lennox Lewis in the present day.
Lennox Lewis
At long last the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, Lennox is also ahead of the game when it comes to technology. He's one of the only boxers to have his own official site, and a prize-winning effort it is too.
From background information to in-depth analysis of his best fights, there's enough here to satisfy the most devoted of fight fans. Entertaining animation clips also show that he doesn't take himself too seriously.
Boxing Mania
A very comprehensive site put together by folks who are obviously fight fanatics. The news is not only bang up to date but every nuance from the weigh-in to the pre-fight press conference is analysed in great detail. In addition to news and reviews of any bout of any importance, there's a good selection of incisive articles, including a regular 'fantasy fight' series in which boxers from different eras are placed in the virtual ring. A little light relief is provided by the interactive section, which offers a message board and tricky trivia quiz.


Judo World
In the UK, judo has always been one of the more popular of the martial arts, with leisure centres up and down the country reverberating to the sound of bodies slamming onto crash mats.
This extremely polished site offers a wide array of treats for exponents of the sport.The ever-expanding number of video clips of top judoka in action will inspire, while the helpful training tips and lists of forthcoming tournaments will help on a more practical level.
Martial Arts Network
Essentially a front for a well stocked online shop selling all manner of martial arts related clothing and accessories, as shop fronts go this is pretty impressive. Collecting together articles and Real Audio radio shows from all over the place, the site gives you a unique insight into the world of serious martial artists. There's also an extensive library of words of wisdom that highlight the spiritual side of the sport.
National Register of Martial Arts Instructors
Previously, the National Register website was a great idea let down by the sparse number of entries. Things have now improved considerably and no matter where you live you should find an instructor nearby to suit you.
You can search the site by location or by discipline and next to each entry you'll find details of the skill level and age range catered for. There's also a handy list of links, providing a useful jump into other related sites.
Secrets of the Warriors Power
Set up to accompany a US television series produced by The Discovery Channel, this is a fine website in its own right.
Typical of the sites produced by the channel, it's extremely well-presented and is of interest to absolutely anyone, not only fans of fighting.
Delving into the history of the martial arts by profiling the modern day masters of the sport, it concisely and intelligently unfolds the story before your eyes.
United Capoeira Association
Capoeira is an ancient Brazilian non-contact martial art, which is now taking off all over the world.
A cross between a fight and a dance, this well put together site explores the cultural origins behind the sport, explains how you can get involved and even lets you listen to the funky music that accompanies a performance. Whether you've never heard of it or dedicate your life to it, you'll find this website a great place to learn more and meet like-minded followers from around the world.
Bushido Online
Probably the best martial arts sites on the Web, Bushido Online features a huge range of information, all delivered with a kick.
Despite centring on the disciplines of karate and kung fu, the site also covers a multitude of other martial arts, from judo to wrestling. And, together with the smart layout, it's this all-round approach that makes it the ideal first port of call for martial-arts fans on the Web.
International Karate-Do Alliance
Spanning three continents, the IKA is an organisation set up to bring together all those who practise martial arts, whatever their particular style. Their attractively presented pages take a while to load but any enthusiast will find them worth the wait. It contains details of upcoming events in the UK, together with more general content on the sport as a whole. There's also a well-constructed section for disabled participants and plenty of links to other useful sites.
International TaeKwon-Do Association
An expansive and well-produced site that explains the tradition behind the art, and also includes advice to help the thousands still practising it around the world. 
There's plenty of information on the association itself, including details of how to join, but the most impressive part of the site is the well-presented history of TaeKwon-Do and the in-depth training tips, which include animated sequences to help you put them into practice.


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