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The Boddingtons TV ads, featuring the cartoon cow with his swinging udders, have caused a bit of controversy. So if you think those ads were a bit too rude stay clear of this site because it's all about the Graham (the cow) and Claudia (the foxy chick) characters. Join Graham and Claudia in their interactive pad where Graham will show you five things he can do with his udders (yes I know only lady cows have udders but this seems to have escaped Boddingtons' attention). The site is as suggestive as the TV ad campaign but it does make good use of web animation and those that yearn for the good old days can download the old Boddingtons' ads from the site.
Bass Museum
The Bass Museum is based in Burton Upon Trent but those not located near the Midlands brewery can still experience some of the centre's flavour through its informative website. Many of the museum's exhibits have been digitised and put online, and it's an excellent resource for anyone interested in the history of brewing.There are even webcams centred on key attractions, so if you can't make it yourself you can still see everyone else enjoying themselves.
Smoothly Does It
Smoothly Does It is the home of Tetley's beers. And since the beverage is the official beer of the England rugby team you won't be too surprised to hear that a distinct rugby theme permeates this site. The latest rugby news is constantly fed through on a ticker on the opening page, rugby yarns are told in the Pub area of the site and you can even download a rugby screensaver or play a bit of rugger online. Of course you also get a bit of Tetley's history - apparently 15 pints of Tetley's Bitter are sold every second during opening hours!
The Tetley's site has gone mad for rugby but Carlsberg sticks with football. Of course the lager is the official beer of Euro 2000 and the England team so a football theme makes sense. The latest footie scores and news are piped across the opening page and you can master some of the smartest moves from the experts in the Boot Room section of the site. Music also features big on the Carlsberg site with top 40 listings from the various dance, rock and pop charts.
Beer Travelers' Guide
This guide points you in the direction of the best brewpubs, bars and restaurants serving great beer. The site is based on the US so much of the content covers US pubs and bars. There's an interesting feature on what makes a great Irish pub - and there are many of them in the US. The site is also strong on its coverage of the wide selection of microbreweries that have sprung up around the US.
Beer.com is a lifestyle site built around the concept of beer. The information on there is picked for its appeal to a laddish audience and includes the latest sports scores and entertainment news. As far as beer-related content a specific beer is picked as beer of the month and covered in detail, there's also a comprehensive guide to beers around the world. You can take part in a virtual tour of a brewery and check out webcams based in bars scattered around the world. But the ultimate lad's accessory has to be the @beer.com email address, which you can sign up for on the site.
The Real Beer Page
This site gives you the low-down on everything beer related; from microbreweries though to home brewing taking in the latest news on beef festivals around the world along the way. The retro styling of the site works well but it has to be said much of the content is US focused. So if you're planning a trip to the States and you want to drop in on some great pubs while you're there then let this site be your online guide. There are 18 detailed City guides, which list great breweries and pubs around the States. The background information on brewing, the beer library and the links to other beer sites on the web will be popular with everybody though.
The Good Pub Guide
The website is based on the content of the best selling book, The Good Pub Guide. Join the Visitors Club and you'll get access to the directory of good pubs around the UK. To search through the pub directory you just choose your region and make a few choices on the type of pub you want to visit and the Guide pulls up all the relevant pubs in your area. The descriptions of each pub are detailed and you get a real feel for the atmosphere of the various inns. If you like nothing better than hanging around in pubs then you might want to check out the online tour itinerary suggestions for the pubs of the Lake District and the Cotswolds.
Ministry of Sound
Having grown from a humble nightclub into a global empire, Ministry of Sound has branched out onto the web in a big way. This busy site features the latest dance music news and features but that's just the tip of the iceberg. 
A streaming radio station pumps out banging tunes 24 hours a day, while Ministry TV utilises Realplayer technology to deliver video interviews with some of the biggest DJs in the world.
This good looking site is packed with information on what's happening in UK clubland. DJs and regular club goers will be impressed by the interviews with key figures from the UK club scene and the reviews of the latest DJ music releases. Interactive features are popular on the site; you'll find plenty of live audio and video broadcasts direct from the top clubs and a busy chat area.
Time Out Pub and Club Listings
If you want honest reviews of the pubs and clubs around London then you can't do better than the Time Out website. You can trust what these guys say and the write-ups are full of fascinating facts such as this entry for the Lamb and Flag pub in Covent Garden "in the seventeenth century, Dryden was beaten up here - now it's one of the only decent pubs in Covent Garden". If you're after a big night out check out the club guide; which covers comedy clubs and nightclubs around the capital.
Traditional and historic London pubs
Explore the history of London through its historic pubs and taverns - book at least a week of work first though because this site lists 85 of the best historic pubs in London. You'll find independent reviews of the pubs as well as a bit of historical background on the building. You can also find out what kind of food is served and how much it's likely to cost. You can search through the directory of historic London pubs by postal district or, if you're off on a day out, you can pull out all those pubs near a specific tourist attraction.
Pubworld is a directory of recommended pubs around the UK. You search through the directory either by region or by type of pub. The listings for the pubs are short and you don't get much of an idea of the atmosphere inside; for more detailed information you should check out the Featured Pubs section of the site. While you're there why not visit the Pubworld Virtual Bar where you can email a virtual drink and message to a mate, take part in an online pub quiz or have a chat in the Pub Talk area of the site.
The coolest Liverpool club to be seen in at the moment has to be Cream - it's the Northern home of big name DJs such as Judge Jules and Sasha. As you'd expect from such a fashionable club the website too is almost painfully hip with its shades of cream and taupe. Still it's worth a visit for the active discussion forums on topics such as clubs in Ibiza and the best clubs around the UK. Of course there's the compulsory club merchandising area where you can order goodies online.
Real Ale Guide
This site is home to an online directory of what the Real Ale guys call 'proper' British pubs. By 'proper' they mean pubs that serve quality Real Ales. The pubs listed focus on the Home Counties area and you can search by county to find a Real Ale pub local to you. The honesty of the pub reviews is refreshing and the detailed information for each tavern also includes a round-up of the food and entertainment offered by the pub. As well as the searchable database of Real Ale pubs you'll also find news on the latest beer festivals and new brews.
The official Bacardi website is so laden down with graphics that it is a bit slow - but persevere it is worth the wait. The rum that has been 'aged with passion since 1862' can be mixed in a variety of cocktails and you'll find a few of the best cocktail selections on the site. If you're a fan of the Bacardi ads check out the online videos and the live webcasts from Bacardi sponsored events can always turn up a few surprises. Rather bizarrely you also get a guide to hosting a Bacardi party - choose from a seventies or a salsa themed event.
Tequila is one of those drinks that has a bad reputation courtesy of the slammer, a shot of alcohol downed with a far from pleasant combination of salt and lemon. As this site aims to show though, there's more ways to enjoy a tequila than just violently chucking it down your throat.
This is an amateur site but it features a lot of useful information. It goes through the history of the drink and how it is distilled, and there is a cocktail bar where you can find some new drinks to create.
Get your weekly dose of cocktails from this excellent Lycos service. Cocktail has been going for some time now and so there's a substantial archive of cocktail recipes to explore on the site. For each cocktail you get an interesting explanation of the history of the drink as well as the all-important instructions on how to make the deadly brew. Your cocktail mixer is the Alchemist and he's there with a few hints and tips and a bit of bar room blarney. And if you're looking for inspiration on what cocktail to make just type in the names of the spirits you'd like to include in the Virtual Blender and see what recipes the site comes up with.
Absolut Collectors
It might sound a bit strange but apparently there's a thriving in trade in collecting Absolut (the much sought after brand of Vodka) magazine advertisements and this site is devoted to that rather bizarre hobby. Find out what all the fuss is about by perusing the online gallery of stylish Absolut ads. If a specific ad takes your fancy click on it to get more information on where the ad appeared. Collectors use the forum to trade advertisements and quite a bustling online community has been built around the site.
The Famous Grouse
This home of Scottish whisky recreates a village feel. You navigate the site by visiting various areas of the virtual Famous Grouse Estate - you can take a trip down to the local pub, hit the village shop or visit the post office. The content covers more than a history of the whisky, you can find out why Scotland really is best and check out a useful online guide book for Scotland. Of course there's the inevitable celebration of Famous Grouse ad campaigns and in the Village Shop you can order your bottles of whisky direct from the site.
Jack Daniel's
Favourite tipple of rock stars everywhere, no collection of spirits is complete without a bottle of old JD. This site draws you into the history of the sour mash whiskey, with an interactive tour of home town Lynchburg and a fascinating tour of the distillery. Alcohol nuts can compare and contrast with the information back at the Famous Grouse site (see above).
Smirnoff Vodka
The Smirnoff site looks fabulously lush with its deep red coloured backgrounds. The content starts well with the Cocktail Generator where you can take your pick from 365 Smirnoff-themed drinkies. Planet Smirnoff is quite an appealing place to hang out, you can send Smirnoff themed virtual postcards to your mates, check out Smirnoff sponsored events, salivate over the drink of the day or enter competitions to win Smirnoff goodies.
This unique site offers investors the chance to invest in the world's most famous chateaux wines in the Bordeaux area. The investment team includes the authority on Bordeaux Wines, David Peppercorn. What is more investment profits in the UK are tax-free
The Language of The Label
Did you ever wish to know how to really read what is written on a wine label? This potted background on French Wines tells you about the label and the history of the most famous wines.
Daily Wine Review
This excellent site is updated daily with the Wine of the Day. The wines are reviewed in down to earth fashion, which won't put off those new to wine tasting. The Wine of the Day archive is now comprehensive and you can search through looking for that perfect wine to go with dinner. The site isn't overloaded with content but when it comes to searchable archives of quality wines you won't do much better than the Daily Wine selection.
Wine Lovers' Page
A love of wine is what this page promises, and it does deliver. It has lots of articles on tasting and choosing, but also invites reader interaction, with discussions on all sorts of different wine related subjects.The layout can be a little confusing, but this site really radiates a sense of love for its subject. There's lots to explore and, who knows, you might even meet some like-minded friends through the chat forums.
The Grapevine Weekly
This online magazine is a great resource. The site pulls together articles from the major online wine guides including Wine News (concentrates on Australian wine), WineToday (California's wine news service) and The Quarterly PocketList (a guide to the world's top rated wines). The wine news service is updated regularly and this is backed up by lengthy articles and wine buying tips. This is the wine lover's guide to online wineries, wine magazines, wine travel information and wine reviews.
Chateau Online
If you're after a special bottle of wine then you'll find it on the classy Chateau Online website. Wine expert Jean-Michel Deluc scours the world picking out the best wines all of which are available to buy direct from the site. Jean-Michel also has lots of useful advice on what wine to serve with food, the backgrounds on the major wine growing regions and a guide to setting up your own wine cell
Wine Spectator Online
The Wine Spectator site reckons it's the 'most comprehensive wine web site in the world'. It is a stylish site packed full of content that will interest enthusiastic amateurs and wine pros. The site is home to lots of background information that you won't find elsewhere, including a report on the 1999 harvest. The pages are updated daily with the latest wine news and a wine of the day selection. The database of wine reviews can only be described as exhaustive - over 83,000 wines are listed and rated. Embryonic web buffs should start with the Wine Basics section of the site, eventually you can work your way up to having a go at the online game designed to test your wine knowledge.
Smart Wine Online
Smart Wine is an online resource for both wine consumers and those involved in the wine trade. For consumers there's a handy database of wine reviews including reader reviews of vintage wines. It's also worth signing up for a free Personal Wine Advisor for free if you need a few tips on which wines to try out. The Smart Wine reviewing procedure is exhaustive, so when it comes to picking the best of the crop you can be sure to trust their selection. 
Wine professionals will appreciate the wine news service and the more detailed articles on the industry's movers and shakers.
Welcome to Bordeaux
This online guide tells you everything you need to know about visiting the renowned French wine growing region of Bordeux. You can take a virtual tour of the area, picking up background information on the various vineyards along the way. If you reckon you're a bit of a Bordeaux buff then try your hand at the wine quizzes. If a trip to France is not on your itinerary this year then you can still get a taste of Bordeaux by reading the section of the site devoted to choosing the perfect Bordeaux wine.
If you've been searching for that elusive vintage wine for years then you might just track it down using the Winesearcher site. Winesearcher scours the stock of over 232 wine merchants around the world and that means you're searching through a list of over 100, 000 wines. You just type in the name of the wine you're after and the vintage and let Winesearcher do the donkey work for you. The search results include a link to the appropriate wine merchant and pricing information.

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