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PGA Tour
Benefiting from a recent redesign, the PGA Tour site contains the latest news and results from all the tournaments on the European Tour circuit.
Although it covers every tournament throughout the year, the site really comes into its own when the majors, such as the British Open, are in full swing. With intelligent analysis from the Golf Web team and instantly-updated scores, it's the best place to be if you can't be lining the fairway.
TV Golf
Essentially a news based service, this site will keep you bang up to date with the latest happenings in the world of golf. Exhaustive and comprehensive, there's news of the major tournaments around the world, of course, but also details of new courses being built and developments in golf technology. The centrepiece of the site is a RealPlayer driven television channel, which is updated weekly. Featuring everything from tips on improving your stroke play to the latest in golfing fashion, it's one of the best of its kind anywhere on the web.
The Amateur Golf Adviser
One of the beauties of golf is that no matter how good your game, there's always room for improvement. Everyone from beginners to good club players will get something out of this huge site. Divided into a number of sections, there's a huge volume of common sense hints and tips culled from books and articles written by experts. From basic swing through to putting technique, all that remains is for you to put the theory into practise on the fairway.
Golf Courses
If you're a keen golfer, you're bound to want to play when visiting another part of the country. Often, the problem is knowing which nearby courses are best suited to you, how much it costs to play and what the restrictions are. Fortunately, this site features a large directory of most of the courses in the country, from small municipal ones to championship links. An excellent search engine will lead guide you to the perfect course and you'll find that selected courses are covered in more detail. You can also buy clubs and accessories in the online shop.
Golf Online
You'll scarcely be able to believe the amount of golf-related content available on this well-implemented site. Operated by the US-based Golf Magazine, you'll find all the information you could possibly require on both improving your own game and checking out what the pros are up to.
Regular online polls and a plethora of message boards imbue the site with a sense of community that is lacking from other sporting supersites and you should be able to find advice on everything from driving to putting.
Golf Today
Concentrating on the UK and European golf scene, the best thing about this businesslike site is the up-to-date news and exclusive feature articles and interviews.
It's also the best place to view regularly-updated lists of the player rankings and money lists. The icing on the cake is an easy-to-use course directory, featuring thousands of courses around the world. The amateur golf section, meanwhile, will keep you abreast of all the latest rule changes.
Golf Tracker
A great little idea that should allow you to say goodbye to tatty scorecards, chewed pencils and calculators forever.
Golf Tracker, which is currently free to anyone who registers, will record every round you play and then calculate your handicap for you. It even analyses your game to determine where the weak spots are - perhaps your short game needs work or your driving could be better.
19th Hole
A sideways look at the game of golf that retains its sense of humour throughout. Follow the misadventures of 'The Duffer's' as they hack their way around the course and groan at some of the worst golfing jokes ever committed to cyberspace.
The site is not all in jest though, with interesting articles on the psychology of the sport and keeping fit to play. A well-used message board will also allow you to commiserate with other golfers after a bad round.


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