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Details Written up In Computer Active's Excellant Webguide
Given the popular image of middle-aged executives puffing around a sweaty court, it might surprise you to learn that the game of squash is thriving worldwide.
This site, while not very radical in its design or content, is nevertheless a comprehensive guide to the upper echelons of the game.
It features the latest tournament news from around the world but also offers some hope to the casual player in the shape of coaching hints.
Tennis One
Once you've got past hammering the ball at one another in the local park, strategy starts to come into play as much as technique.
Fortunately, this excellent US site can help out with both, as it has a huge virtual library of online tennis lessons at your disposal. Written by experts and arranged in a logical manner, it provides a practical way to improve your game. There's also the opportunity to ask your own questions of the pros, as well as access to the latest tennis news.
The Tennis Server
This polished US site concentrates on playing the game rather than the exploits of the professionals. Every month, it features a large volume of articles by experienced tennis writers, most of which concern improving your game. From simple tips on striking the ball, to in-depth discussions of doubles tactics, there's something for players of all levels.
You can also subscribe to an email version, which will be delivered to your inbox every month.
This site is chiefly a well-designed portal into a whole raft of tennis sites on the Web. They've all been hand picked so you can be sure that you'll only find useful and relevant information here, rather than dewy-eyed tributes to Anna Kournakova.
The links are split into various categories - such as health and fitness or local clubs - so it shouldn't take too long to find what you're looking for.
For two weeks every summer, the whole country goes tennis mad as the splash of rain and the taste of strawberries and cream fill our minds.
This official site provides regular news updates throughout the year, including information on how to get hold of those elusive tickets.
It really comes into its own during the tournament itself, though, using live desktop updates, Webcams and streaming video to provide perhaps the best live coverage of any sporting event on the Web.
ATP Tour
Comprising the four Grand Slam tournaments and various other smaller competitions throughout the year, the ATP Tour is the basis of the world rankings.
Although this site is rather generic in design, it does contain a lot of useful information, including immediate score updates from around the globe. 
There's a discussion board where you can chat with fellow tennis fans and a variety of other features - the news and analysis in particular are top notch.
Badminton UK
This well run amateur site is the only place for UK badminton fans to go on the Web, which is surprising given the popularity of the game.
The most useful feature is a directory of many of the badminton clubs in the country. There's also news of an ambitious project to set up an Internet-based badminton ladder, so that you can take on fellow players in your area. Other features include a list of useful books and videos, and a message board on which to swap advice and arrange games.
Real Tennis
Often overlooked by fans of the fast-paced modern game, real tennis was the forebear of the game we know today. It's still played by a hardcore band of enthusiasts in the same way as it was at Hampton Court in the Eighteenth Century.
This site will tell you about the fascinating history of the game and explain how it differs from lawn tennis. There are also details on how to visit the courts at Hampton Court - you can even book to play on them if you wish.


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